Top 10: “Discipleship Is and Is Not….”

10. Discipleship IS Small Groups. It is NOT Cliques.

9. Discipleship IS faith involvement. It is NOT faith information.

8. Discipleship IS a guide on the side. It is NOT a sage on the stage.

7. Discipleship IS an invitation to come and see. It is NOT an invitation to look at me.

6. Discipleship IS filling in the blanks of your faith. It is NOT filling in the blanks in a book.

5. Discipleship IS the intentional conversation. It is NOT informal coffee.

4. Disciples IS engagement. It is NOT entertainment.

3. Discipleship IS a process. It is NOT a program

2. Discipleship IS through relationships. It is NOT through rules.

1. Discipleship IS following Christ. It is NOT following a Church 

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