Ten Quick Real-Life, In-the-Trenches Youth Ministry Hints

10. Never Buy More than a Couple Extra T-shirts Than You Have Kids and Leaders. (the leftovers will haunt you for years)

9. Never Pre-Buy Tickets for Events, Before You Know Who is Going. (you will lose money every time, pre-sign up & pre-pay always)

8.  Always Bring a Fully Stocked First Aid Kit with You. (even if it is a couple of hours local event) 

7.  Review Your Ministry Calendar of Activities and Events with Your Spouse, Before Announcing it. (it will save both your marriage and your ministry) 

6.  Never Respond Immediately to a Negative or Critical Email.  (wait 12-24 hours, take time to pray)

5. Never Allow Your Middle School Boys to Go Skunk Hunting at Camp or a Retreat. (no matter how impossible you think it is to find a skunk) 

4. Always Watch a Teaching Clip in Full, TWICE, if You are using it in a Lesson, Even if You Purchase it from a “Christian” Site.  (that 3 second Songs of Solomon reference, will haunt you like last year’s fall retreat t-shirts in #10) 

3.  If You are Going to Use the New Slang Term Your Students are Using, to Try to Be Cool and Relevant…Don’t! (It has a couple of different meanings, and students AND parents will always assume the worst one) 

2.  Find and Take Time Off Each Week, Preferably the Same Day(s) Every Week.  (there are enough nights, weekends, and early/late meetings to cover your 40+ hours a week.) 

1.  If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Don’t Say Anything At All. (a critical spirit or critical comment will kill your ministry faster than a 6th-grade girl on a gravy and chocolate slip n slide)

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