“Don’t Walk This Tightrope Alone?” (The Nets of Youth Ministry)

Would you ever venture out on a tightrope without a safety net below?

If you would, you are a braver person than me! I like my safety nets and for that fact my legs and face intact!    Isn’t that sort of what we do in youth ministry.  We put ourselves on a tight rope, up high in front of everyone.  Everyone watching our every step and move, as we try to balance everything, holding tight to whatever we are trying to use to keep us up there.

If we are honest and real, those watching us, are also waiting to see if we fall.    Just another person in ministry falling into whatever issue that trips them up and knocks them off the high place they have put themselves in.

In this role, we have been called, there IS danger and also excitement.  We have been given a special skill, place, and opportunity.  If we are smart we will not go it alone and we will not do it without some well-placed nets to catch us.  Here are 3 “nets” that we can use to catch us in our ministry walk in front of others.


Before you jump to the immediate conclusion and assumption, that I am going to launch into another tirade about pornography or social media, I am not.  I am actually going to go a different direction and talk about the positive for a change.    The inter-NET provides us, as youth workers, a good and helpful resource in being accountable, finding friends, and connecting with others who are doing the same thing as we are.

Through Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, we find others who are there with us in the day-to-day struggle and walk-in ministry.   Youth ministry is a lonely place sometimes, especially if you are not blessed to have others on staff or in your area that you can talk to.   All be it virtual, you can find great relationships, connections, and a safe place to land when times in ministry get tough.

*Check out places like…


      It may seem like that guy down the road or the other side of town is the competition, or even dare I say the “enemy”, but I have learned that getting together personally with others in ministry in your area is an awesome thing.    I have been a part of local area networks for 21 out of 25 years of youth ministry in some shape or form.    In my new area, near Philadelphia, there is actually a ton of small local networks, plugged into a bigger area network.  The men (and women) of my local network in the past have been some of my closest friends.  They are probably also my truest friends, people with who I can be more transparent and real with pretty much anyone else other than my wife and family.  I can say with confidence that they have been and will be there to “catch me” if I fall or begin to lose my balance in the midst of the crazy tightrope circus act that is sometimes ministry.

I would strongly suggest finding or creating a local network in your area.  It will not only help you it will help others.  It will offer real in-person accountability, encouragement, and support with people how honestly “get” your area.    No one else is going to quite understand the struggle and challenge of your specific town or area like others trying to do the same thing locally.

* Find a Local Network or if there a Network Near You by Checking Out- National Network of Youth Ministries-  http://www.youthworkers.net/ 


    At the end of the day, you need to understand as much as it feels like you are “out there all alone” you are not.  You are not doing this thing alone and you can’t do this thing alone….you will never do this thing alone!  Your value and mission are not in what you do, but what is done through you.  Your focus can not be on your little “k” kingdom of your ministry and church.  Your focus, vision, and direction are found in the worth of the big “K” kingdom of God that you are called to.   You know this, you teach this, but do you honestly believe it!?

What is going to catch you or cause you to fall ultimately in your ministry is how you define your NET-worth- Your “total value minus outside liabilities…”.   Your value must be found not in your prideful self-sufficient, I-can-do-it-all attitude, but in the person who saw you and called you out onto the tightrope in the first place.  He sees you can do it, despite your flaws.  He watches you and continues to call you forward   The “Net” that will catch you in ministry is securely in the hands of the one who will always catch you.  We lose sight of that and we will fall! When we lose sight of Christ and the worth we have in Him, that is when each one of us begins to slip, our ministries lose balance, and we will come crashing down in front of our family, church, and our students.

I beg you–do not walk this rope without “Nets” to catch you, as you live upfront and out front in youth ministry.   Find strong nets of people and continue to rely on the net that Christ always provides.

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