Ten Hilarious MAY Holidays to Celebrate in Youth Ministry

May 4th: May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars Day! (The possibilities are endless!) 

May 5th (Wednesday): Cinco De Mayo! (Celebrating this with my group this week, check out my game collection later this week)

May 6th: National Mini Golf Day (Create a mini-golf course around your building/church!) 

May 11th: Invention of Hostess Cupcake (Lots of cupcakes to eat, create some weird hostess cupcake games…) 

May 15th: International Chocolate Chip Day (Celebrating this one with my groups,  Chocolate chip food buffet, random games, and tie-in to my lesson on the Holy Spirit…) 

May 18th: National I Love Reese’s Day! (Peanut cup celebration all around!!)

May 21st: National Pizza Party Day (Better known as national youth ministry day!) 

May 25th: Nerd/Geek Pride Day (Dress LIke a Nerd Night!) 

May 26th: Paper Airplane Day (Games, Contest, and More!) 2
May 28th: International Polka Day (Dance Party!!) 

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