Cinco, Cinco De Mayo Games! (FREE)

  1. Tortilla Snowflake:  Using a large burrito-size soft tortilla, give a group of up-front players 60 seconds to nibble their best snowflake design.  Think of the old fold-and-cut paper snowflake craft you did when you were a kid.
  2. Toe-Tilla Toe-Down:  A Mexican-themed “penny chinny” style big group, elimination game.   Every player is given a small taco-size soft tortilla.  Everyone removes one shoe and sock and place the tortilla on that foot.  They then stand on the other foot with their tortilla baring foot in their air.  On “GO!” players must hop around on one foot trying to keep their tortilla on their foot while trying to bump into other people, cause them to “lose” their tortilla.   The last person with a tortilla still balanced on their toe-wins! (See Longer Original Explanation) 
  3. Don’t Spill the Sombrero: Here is a quick, big group, up-front focused game for a group of any size. Split the group into at least 2 large teams and separate them out. Ask for a player from each team to be the “leader”.   The leader some to the front and is given a large sombrero to wear.  It is a “bring me” style game, but this time whatever is announced must be placed in the team leader’s sombrero.  The other catch in this version is the sombrero must not fall off the leader’s head.  The leader is not allowed to use their hands to keep sombrero on their head once the game begins.  The team with the last leader with a sombrero still on their head wins!
  4. Flippin’ Tortilla Face: A silly fast, upfront partner challenge. An updated version of my old game “That a Bunch of Baloney”. Two teams of two come to the front.  One player is given a stack of 10 medium-size soft tortillas and the other player has to stand back 10 feet.  The challenge is simple, one player has to throw the tortillas and the other player has to catch them with their face-only, no hands allowed.  The team with the most tortillas still on their player’s face wins.
  5. Jalapeno Yo’ Business: An upfront friend-face-off game! Think “newlywed style-game”. Invite 2 best friends to come up to the front of the room.  Give each a small whiteboard and dry erase marker.  Have a bowl of pickled jalapenos (not too spicy).  You are going to ask them a question and the friends have to answer the question for each other.  The person writes down their answer, hidden from their friend.  Then the friends have to verbally tell their answer and see if the best friend answered correctly on the board.  If a person guesses their friends answer incorrectly they have to eat a jalapeno!

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