Bus Games for Youth Group Trips (Free)

10. “Statue Charades”– 2 teams divided up by sides. One person comes to the front of the bus and is given something that they have to get their team to guess by simply “striking a pose”.

9. “Seated Relay Races”– Classic “stand in a line” relay races just seated. Like: “Over Under”- hand something back alternating between over your shoulder or under the seat.

8. “Speed Dating” (on the way)/”Speed Break-Up” (for on the way home)– Every 2 minutes the people seated on the aisle has to rotate clockwise to the next seat. On the Way–In the 2 minutes the pairs have to introduce themselves and tell each other interesting information about themselves. On the Way Home: In 2 minutes the pairs have to re-introduce themselves and tell each other all the reason why they shouldn’t be friends when they get back from the trip– In a Funny/Silly way, not serious at all, but really interesting way to get people to get to know each other.

7. “Pass the Story Along”- Every seat/pair gets a piece of paper and pen. On the top of the paper is written “Once upon a time…”. The first pair must decide on a opening sentence to a story, and then pass it back to the seat behind them. The next pair and the following pairs must add to the story. Once the paper has made it all the way back. The leader can read the stories aloud.

6. “Have You Never”- The classic game with seat-switching if you “Have Never…”

5. “My Mom Has a Restaurant…” – A spin on a the classic “alphabet games”. Each person has to complete the sentence “My Mom Has a Restaurant…” with a food or edible item that starts with the last letter of the previous person’s answer. No repeat answers. (*example: chips=salsa=apple=eel….)

4. “Rap Battle”- Using your bus’s PA and sound system have a rap battle either using just a beat soundtrack and players have to come up with their own rap OR just have players try to rap along with a clean rap song (LaCrae, Trip Lee, KJ-52….)

3. “Adjective & A Noun”- Person on the aisle is “adjective person” and the person on the window seat is the “noun person”. They can not discuss or come up with their answers in advance. Pairs randomly selected must yell out first the adjective and then the noun. (* just be careful, some of the results may be interesting!??)

2. “Goatee, Mustache, Beard” (Click here!)

1. “Hot Dirty Underwear” – Like “hot potato” just with a pair of underwear. players toss a pair (or pairs) of boxers around until the music stops. Player holding the “hot dirty underwear” are out. Use CLEAN, NEW underwear please!! (*this game was invented by accident and ‘on the spot’ a few years ago!)

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