Top 10: REAL Reasons for Late Pick Up!

Here are 10 Absolutely REAL Reasons I Have Heard for “Parents for Being Late to Pick Up” their child from youth group or an events…

10. “Sorry, I Forgot How Many Children I Had?”

9. “I Just Remembered Where I Left Them?”

8. “I Decided to Take a Nap and Overslept”

7. “I Forgot That it Was Youth Group Night?” (*but you dropped them off?)

6. “My Wife and I Were On a Date (*cough, wink) And Lost Track of Time” (seriously..look me in the eye, wink and cough!)

5. “I Was Binge Watching __________ on Netflix and Just Couldn’t Stop”

4. “Just Thought Eventually You Would Get Tired of Waiting and Drive Them Home”

3. “My Husband and I Play the Kid’s Video Games When They Are Not Home…and I was Winning!”

2. “They Needed A Little Extra “God Time” with You Tonight, So I Waited”

1. “I Thought I Had Already Picked Them Up?”

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