Top 10: Reasons You Need to Take a Vacation This Summer

10. Your Spouse Needs IT!  (read into that however you like..)

9.  Your Kids Haven’t Seen You In Awhile. (If there is a picture of you on the fridge, just so they won’t forget what you look like during Camp, Mission Trips, and Summer Conferences…)

8. You Need a Tan. (the whole pasty white legs thing is really grossing everyone out, at least stop wearing shorts when you are up front!!!)

7. They Can’t Miss You, If You Are Never Gone! (let your church go a week without your brilliance and inspiration,  when you come back maybe they will have a parade…maybe not? but still…)

6. Your Lessons Are Getting Weird? (go rest your brain, I think you just taught the same lesson like 2 weeks ago? And seriously, stop showing the same Joel Olsteen highlight clips. 

5. Your Secretary Needs A Vacation, Too! (let the poor lady rest, even if she doesn’t get to go anywhere, it will be a vacation just not having you in the office!)

4.  The Custodians Can Finally Clean Your Office. (it will probably take them a week to clean and fumigate whatever is going on up in there–it is like a mix of middle school boy sneakers, pizza, and rotten spam)  

3.  So You Can Catch Up on Your “Non-Church” Reading.  (I think Janett Oke and Ted Dekker joined forces to write the first “Christian Amish Romance Supernatural Murder Suspense Novel” you better get on that!!) 

2.  Your Body REALLY Needs It. (you can only live on Red Bull, left over lock-in pizza, and that stash of cookies from Christmas for so long, get out of the office and spend a week eating like an adult your age) 

1. EVEN JESUS GOT AWAY FROM THE CROWDS SOMETIMES!!! (hate to break it to you, you are awesome and all, but your are no Jesus, He rested, so should you!)

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