Bus Games for Youth Group Trips (Free)

10. “Statue Charades”– 2 teams divided up by sides. One person comes to the front of the bus and is given something that they have to get their team to guess by simply “striking a pose”. 9. “Seated Relay Races”– Classic “stand in a line” relay races just seated. Like: “Over Under”- hand something back […]

Top 10: “Mama Always Said…” (youth ministry lessons?)

In honor of Mother’s Day, yesterday.  Here is a Special Top 10 List Dedicated to Moms and the Things They Teach Us… EVEN ABOUT YOUTH MINISTRY!?  10. Share Your Toys!- If you have a great idea or great resource share it with other people in youth ministry! 9. Clean Out Your Ears!- Stop talking sometimes […]

Cinco, Cinco De Mayo Games! (FREE)

Tortilla Snowflake:  Using a large burrito-size soft tortilla, give a group of up-front players 60 seconds to nibble their best snowflake design.  Think of the old fold-and-cut paper snowflake craft you did when you were a kid. Toe-Tilla Toe-Down:  A Mexican-themed “penny chinny” style big group, elimination game.   Every player is given a small […]

Hint/Help: Youth Ministry Lesson “Take-A-Longs”: Making Your Lessons Last

Everything is mobile and portable in our world, why not your lesson? We all want our lessons to be remembered. We always say things like “take this with you this week”. I know I am always looking for ways to make the ideas and lesson topics stick with our students. Why not create what we […]

Ten Hilarious MAY Holidays to Celebrate in Youth Ministry

May 4th: May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars Day! (The possibilities are endless!)  May 5th (Wednesday): Cinco De Mayo! (Celebrating this with my group this week, check out my game collection later this week) May 6th: National Mini Golf Day (Create a mini-golf course around your building/church!)  May 11th: Invention of Hostess Cupcake (Lots of cupcakes to eat, […]

This is “A Way” to Lead Your Youth Ministry

We lead people. That is what we do. More often than not, the term “pastor”  in our leadership role in youth ministry is interchangeable with words such as “leader”, “director” or even “coordinator”. In fact, that might be the title that is on your door or card.  We directstudents, volunteers and our paid staff. We […]

Mother’s Day Game: “Famous Mothers” (DYM Screen Game)

JUST IN TIME FOR MOTHER’S DAY IN A FEW WEEKS, COMES THE SEQUEL TO OUR POPULAR “FAMOUS FATHER’S GAME”. CREATED FOR OUR PARTNERS IN MINISTRY AT DOWNLOAD YOUTH MINISTRY!  “Do your students know who these children’s famous mothers are? They’ll have to look hard to see if they can identify the resemblance of these kids […]

Top 10: You Might Be Getting Too Old for Youth Ministry? (*maybe)

People ask me, how to you know if you are getting to old for your youth ministry. Even in my most recent interviewing process, as churches discovered my age, there were questions.  So I figured I would update the list of 10 way to know if… YOU MIGHT BE GETTING TO OLD FOR YOUTH MINISTRY… […]