“Get Your Head In the Game” (Baseball Screen Game)

Are Your Students Ready to Hit a HOMERUN in This Silly Fun Baseball Trivia Screen Game? See how much they really know!  Perfect for the beginning of the spring baseball season or just in time for the World Series! A 10 Challenge Game, with 1 Bonus Tiebreaker! Includes: – 2 Powerpoint Presentations (editable and flat […]

News U Can Use: “Talkative Parents Make Kids Smarter”

“Interesting new research suggests exposure to large amounts of adult speech may enhance a child’s cognitive skills. The major new study, led by scientists at the University of York, identified a link between kids who heard high amounts of adult speech and their nonverbal abilities such as reasoning, numeracy and shape awareness. Investigators used a […]

Top 10: Sunday Morning Worship Clappers?

10. THE SWINGER: Hands to the sides, then a quick swing forward into a clap, then back down to the side…and REPEAT! 9. THE TOY MONKEY:  Elbows slightly bent, hands directly in front of the chest, BIG Smile and clap, clap, clap! 8. THE STARBUCKS: Grande Latte in one hand, gentle tap on the lid in between […]

What’s The Bigger Issue with Social Media (Craig Maart)

Social media is a blessing and a curse. The positive sides are glorious. The downsides are very dark and destructive. So how can we help navigate this with our students and their parents? Whether or not your students are currently using social media, the fact is, social media in some form is here to stay. Therefore, we […]

Mother’s Day Game: “Famous Mothers” (Screen Game)

JUST IN TIME FOR MOTHER’S DAY WEEK, COMES THE SEQUEL TO OUR POPULAR “FAMOUS FATHER’S GAME”. CREATED FOR OUR PARTNERS IN MINISTRY AT DOWNLOAD YOUTH MINISTRY!  “Do your students know who these children’s famous mothers are? They’ll have to look hard to see if they can identify the resemblance of these kids to their celebrity […]

News U Can Use: “The Best of Netflix for Tween/Teens Coming in May”

” May belongs to tweens and teens. Netflix has plenty to keep the toddler and younger kids busy — don’t get me wrong. ….. But older kids seem to have it best. Not only do seasons of “Riverdale” and “The Flash” return, but Netflix introduces two movies with young casts who work out relationships with each other and […]

Top 10: Church-Based Reality Shows?

10. Church Rescue– Bar Rescue and Restaurant Impossible with a bit more yelling but less cussing? 9. House of God Hunters– 1 couple, 3 churches, 1 weekend to decide!? 8. Man Vs. Wild Middle School Boys (lock-in edition)- You thought living off the land and finding a place to sleep in Alaska was hard.  Try to wrestle […]

Ministry at the Crossroads of Culture and Creativity

Have you ever pulled up to a busy crossroad or stoplight to find that something has happened?  Maybe the power has gone out or there has been an accident? People are coming and going from every direction, but in the middle of all of it is stands someone redirecting and pointing people where they need to […]

News U Can Use: “5 Tips for Traveling with Tweens/Teens This Summer”

HERE IS A QUICK “NEWS U CAN USE” WRITTEN FOR PARENTS, BUT ALSO MAY BE SOME GREAT HINTS/HELPS FOR YOUTH MINISTRY AS YOU PLAN YOU SUMMER TRIPS!?  “A family vacation is the perfect time to enjoy a change of scenery while reconnecting and spending quality time with each other, but it requires planning, budgeting and […]