Why We Choose to Lead Together as a Family

I recently did a podcast interview with my friend Jeremy Lee, from Ministry to Parents, for the D6 Ministry Podcast.  that he hosts. We talked about “Doing Ministry as a Family”.   Since the podcast was posted last week, I have received a mix reaction from people, many with questions.   I thought it might be helpful to offer a few thoughts in the […]

Partner/Team Game: “Hold the Line” (Free)

A Teachable Teamwork and Communication Partner Racing Game, Where A Little Bit of Tension is GOOD!!?  SUPPLIES: – 4 Long Pieces of Rope (10-12 feet long each) if you are playing 2 teams, more if you have a bigger group with more teams – 2 Large Buckets or Tubs – A wide variety of tennis […]

Top 10: “Awkward Moment As a Youth Pastor”

10.)…You say something in a lesson and realize it means 2 VERY different things!  9.) …You get caught slapping your wife’s butt at church!  8.)… You are in your office alone and fart, then immediately someone comes in!  7.)… You run into a student in public and completely forget their name!  6.)… You are at Walmart, […]

Hitting the Reset Button: Preparing for a New Ministry Year (Frank Newburn)

We all love summer. It’s a time to relax, slow down the pace of life, spend quality time with friends and family, and work on all those projects we’ve been putting off so far this year. Sadly though summer doesn’t last forever. As the end of summer quickly approaches, the start of a new school […]

Game of the Week: “Giant Uno Get to Know” (Icebreaker)

TRY OUT THIS RAN-DUB FUN ICEBREAKER USING REGULAR SIZE UNO CARD OR IF YOU HAVE THEM THE GIANT SET NOW AVAILABLE AT TARGET AND AMAZON!  SUPPLIES: • A full deck of Uno cards GAME PLAY: Quick explanation: Every person will be given an Uno card. They will be matching up with other students based on […]

2 Minute Resource Review: “A Defense of Youth Ministry” (Ron Belsterling)

In the new book A Defense of Youth Ministry, Lancaster Bible College, professor of youth ministry, Ron Belsterling, removes the gloves in order to take on some of the championed theories of youth ministry from the last few years.  He steps into the ring to throw some skillful and knowledgable swings at the current state of youth ministry, […]

“Why You Should Take Your Middle Years Students To Camp!”

In the era of summer missions trips to exotic places and high energy, huge conferences at the beach, is there still a place for summer camp?  Has the whole summer camp-thing seen it’s day?  Here are 10 Quick Thoughts, on WHY YOU SHOULD STILL TAKE YOUR MIDDLE YEARS STUDENTS TO CAMP?  10. Freedom to Worship, Sing […]

Staying Connected During the Summer (Chris Hargrove)

The school year has come to a close and the summer is here. For many, this is a break from work, school, and other things, but for those of us in ministry, we are gearing up for a whole new season and schedule. On top of all the responsibilities that come during the school year […]

Summer Game: “Sloppy Snorkel Flip-N-Sip”

SUPPLIES: 2 Snorkels 2 Snorkel Masks 2 Sets of Flippers 2 Large pitchers 2 two liters of soda or some other beverage A table Egg timer or multi-media countdown clock GAME PLAY: Quick explanation:Player will race to a pitcher of beverage, sip as much of the beverage as they can through a snorkel. Before the […]

Top 10: REAL Reasons Why My Child Can’t Go On the Trip?

I just left with my group for summer camp! Are you getting ready for your big summer trip or did you just get back?   Who didn’t end up going?  There is always at least one or two, last minute drop out.  What was their reason? Most of the time they are normal reasons for why kids […]