Top 10: “REAL Reasons to Have to Meet with 5th-8th Grade Parents”

 Absolutely REAL-LIFE, Actual Reasons Why I Have Had to Call and Ask to Meet With 5th-8th Grade Parents in my Ministries Over the Years… 10. Your Son Was Taking Pictures of Women in their Bikinis During Our Waterpark Day. 9. Your Child Is About to Get His Driver’s License, He Needs to Go to the High […]

Game Idea of the Week: “Bouncy Ball Blitz”

Supplies: – At least 100 small bouncy balls (“superball”/”high bounce” type”) in 4 different colors. – 1 large bucket or container – 4 smaller buckets or containers – A tall ladder, if you do not have a high place to stand above the playing area – An indoor playing area with a hard floor Rules: […]

News U Can Use: “Chromebook Safety 101”

“Millions of kids have been issued devices for school this year whether they’re learning at home, in-person or a combination of the two. Chromebooks are often the device of choice because they’re an economical option.  With increased access to the internet comes an increased risk of digital dangers, distractions, and disorderly conduct. Chromebooks present an […]

Ten Youth Ministry Lessons from the DMV

My wife and I recently moved to a new area and ministry.  Last weekend we decided to change over our driver’s licenses to the new state going from Pennsylvania to Illinois.   We swung back the Panera to grab some breakfast and arrived at 7:30 am to quickly go through the process.  Knowing how DMV’s […]

Top 10: “Other” Jobs That a Youth Pastor Does?

10. Psychologist/Psychiatrist (able to fix any mental disorder for any student in 15 minutes or less…guaranteed! ) 9. Custodian (responsible to clean anything, everything and all carpet stains around the building no matter if the youth group made it or not) 8. Bus Mechanic (can fix any bus with a roll of duct tape, chicken […]

Back to School Game: “Tray’D You!?”

It is Back to School Time again and even though it is a bit different this year for many students, the one thing I know everyone is NOT going to miss is those amazing school cafeteria lunches!? In this hilarious BACK TO SCHOOL game, we’ve compiled snapshots of school AND prison lunches and your group […]

PK Podcast Episode 3: “Moving”

The PK Podcast brought to you by MYM Resources.  A new podcast about being a PK (Pastor’s Kid), hosted by Dan Istvanik and Jenna Istvanik. In this episode, we talk about the big topic of “MOVING”.  A huge part of the life of being a Pastor’s Kid!   We have taken the show on the road…literally. […]

Top 10: Expectations for Your Ministry Volunteers

The school year is going to look different this year and so is the youth ministry year.  This does not mean however you shouldn’t have the same expectations you have always had for your volunteer team.  Yes, this may surprise a few people, but you do NEED to have some expectations (aka: “rules”) for your […]

A Leader OF Leaders OR A Leader WITH Leaders?

It was years ago, I sat on the other side of his desk.   I was new and it was just a few weeks into my new job.  I was excited because it was going to be my first time working in a church with another youth pastor on staff with me.  I had been additionally […]

Game: “Silly Sloppy Slingshot Scramble” (*Social Distancing Game)

Supplies:  – Water balloon slingshot: at least one- 2-4 for bigger groups, areas, or more of an advanced challenge – Towels (and/or old t-shirt): enough forever for one per group of 4 students.  This is where our old youth group t-shirts go to die. – A wide variety of food: preferably gross, weird or sloppy but soft […]