Bus Games for Youth Group Trips (Free)

10. “Statue Charades”– 2 teams divided up by sides. One person comes to the front of the bus and is given something that they have to get their team to guess by simply “striking a pose”. 9. “Seated Relay Races”– Classic “stand in a line” relay races just seated. Like: “Over Under”- hand something back […]

Cinco, Cinco De Mayo Games! (FREE)

Tortilla Snowflake:  Using a large burrito-size soft tortilla, give a group of up-front players 60 seconds to nibble their best snowflake design.  Think of the old fold-and-cut paper snowflake craft you did when you were a kid. Toe-Tilla Toe-Down:  A Mexican-themed “penny chinny” style big group, elimination game.   Every player is given a small […]

Mother’s Day Game: “Famous Mothers” (DYM Screen Game)

JUST IN TIME FOR MOTHER’S DAY IN A FEW WEEKS, COMES THE SEQUEL TO OUR POPULAR “FAMOUS FATHER’S GAME”. CREATED FOR OUR PARTNERS IN MINISTRY AT DOWNLOAD YOUTH MINISTRY!  “Do your students know who these children’s famous mothers are? They’ll have to look hard to see if they can identify the resemblance of these kids […]

Game: “Eggs-Rays” (Easter Screen Game)

JUST IN TIME FOR  EASTER! A Silly fun Easter time big screen game. Everyone loves the surprises hidden inside an Easter egg! Take a good look at the silhouette in each of these Easter eggs to try to figure out what or who is hidden inside. This Resource Includes: • Complete PowerPoint game file • […]

Bonus FREE Game of the Week: “Palm Sundaes”

Just in Time for This Sunday…Palm Sunday! A Quick RanDumb Fun Rather Obviously Named Game.  Just to Keep Things Cool Around Your Young Teen Ministry!? Supplies: – Ice Cream (2 containers) – A variety of ice cream toppings, including syrup, whip cream and a cherry – Ice cream scooper – A few spoons Playing/Explanation : Simply […]

Game of the Week: “Egg Heads” (Easter Game)

ANOTHER GREAT GAME JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER! A silly fun Easter time big screen game.  Can your students identify these celebrity “egg heads” hiding out in the Easter baskets? A 10 Challenge Game, with 1 Bonus Tiebreaker! Includes: – 2 Powerpoint Presentations (editable and flat format) – Full set of all slides in JPEG […]

“Ten Easter-Themed Dodgeball Games” (FREE)

It is that other crazy couple of weeks of the year…Easter Time!!  An excited and blessed time of the year but a busy time AND you STILL have a youth group going on too! SO, this week’s FREE GAME will be dedicated to helping you with some quick help. Ten quick Easter Time Twists on […]

Game of the Week: Big Bowl of Irish Stew

Supplies: – 2 big mixing bowls – 2-4 gallons of milk (or water) – 2-4 boxes of Lucky Charms cereal – Green food coloring – 2-4 teaspoons – 2-4 small bowls (cereal/soup size) – (optional): drop cloth – (optional): stopwatch or digital screen countdown clock GamePlay:  Quick Explanation: Players will have to retrieve marshmallows out […]

Game of the Week: “Test Your Luck” (St. Patrick’s Day Game)

Good Luck, because you and your students are going to need it for this St. Patrick’s Day Quiz.  A challenging trivia quiz to see how much everyone REALLY knows about this Magically Delicious holiday!?  Grab your shamrocks and a friend as you “TEST YOUR LUCK!” A 10 Question Trivia Game, with 1 Bonus Tiebreaker! Includes: […]