National Oreo Day Game: “Oreo Twisted Trivia”

NATIONAL OREO DAY, MARCH 6TH IS COMING UP, NEXT WEEK! ARE YOU READY?  A twisted and fun trivia screen game about America’s favorite cookie OREOS!! This is the perfect anytime game to be played as small groups/teams, as individuals, or even an up-front face-to-face challenge. Find out how much your students really know about this […]

Youth Ministry Game of the Week: “Oh Captain, My Captain!”

Oh, Captain, My Captain is a quick silly trivia game to test how well you know your “captains”?   Is it Captain Hook or Captain Crunch?   Can your students tell the differences and do they know the names of these famous American Pop Culture Captains? Come on Captain Obvious, aren’t these all obvious??  Maybe […]

Hints/Help: “Make EVERY Youth Ministry Night Special”

Tired of the weekly question from your parents and students- “Is there anything special happening this week?” Now you can answer honestly…” EVERY WEEK IS SPECIAL!!” by actually making every week special, unique and fun. It is really not that hard or expensive.  Below are all REAL “in-the-trenches” Youth Ministry Nights I have done or I am doing! Here […]

Bonus Valentines Game: “Pin the Pucker” (FREE)

Another quick silly up-front challenge that is sure to bring a whole lot of laughs! Perfect for a series on Love, Relationships, Dating, Purity, or just a fun upfront game for this Sunday… VALENTINE’S DAY!  SUPPLIES: – Printer labels – Red marker (or red lipstick) – 3 blindfolds/bandanas – 1 stool GAMEPLAY:  Quick explanation: A fun twist […]

Game of the Week: “Groundhog or Gopher” (Groundhog Day Game)

Hello Woodchuck, Chuck, Chuckers! It is the time of year again. It is Groundhog Day! The day we celebrate Phil and his trust weather-predicting power! But you might just get confused and a little turned around! Is he a groundhog or a gopher? What is the difference? This quick game is here to help!  Break the […]

Top 10: “February Holidays to Celebrate with Your Students”

Feb. 2nd: Ground Hog Day! (Use our Game)  Feb. 2nd: National Tator Tot Day! (snack night!) Feb. 3rd: National Doggy Date Day (bring your pet to youth group night!)  Feb. 5th: National Chocolate Fondue Day! (snack night…game night?)  Feb. 8th: Winter Kite Flying Day! (take the group out for some fun in the snow!)  FEB. 9TH: […]

Game of the Week: “Name That Gargle” (upfront/team challenge)

Another Classic, That Has Been Reborn with the Return of “Name That Tune!” , Hosted by Jane Krakowski & Randy Jackson on Fox!   We Also Brought It Back This Christmas During our December In-person COVID Shutdown.  We Made It Part of the Our Christmas Face-offs on our YouTube Live Show!  We Did It Using […]

Game of the Week: “Facing the Gauntlet” (Free)

It is more than another game of dodgeball or nerf wars battle….It is THE GAUNTLET!  SUPPLIES: – Projectiles (suggested: marshmallows, dodge balls, nerf guns, finger blasters, and beanie babies) – Some long church tables – A large room or a long hallway PLAYING/EXPLANATION: Simple explanation:  One group of students have to run from point to another, while […]

Game of the Week: “Santa Claus or Fluffy Paws” (Christmas Game)

Another Fresh HOLIDAY Game From the MYM RESOURCE GAME STORE!   This One is a Fluffy, Furry Bit of Fun!  Challenge Your Students to See If They Can Tell Which Picture is Santa Claus or Fluffy Paws?  A 10 Challenge Game, with 1 Bonus Tiebreaker! Includes: – 2 Powerpoint Presentations (editable and flat format) – Full […]