Ten Hilarious MAY Holidays to Celebrate in Youth Ministry

May 4th: May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars Day! (The possibilities are endless!)  May 5th (Wednesday): Cinco De Mayo! (Celebrating this with my group this week, check out my game collection later this week) May 6th: National Mini Golf Day (Create a mini-golf course around your building/church!)  May 11th: Invention of Hostess Cupcake (Lots of cupcakes to eat, […]

Top 10: Ways To Keep People Coming After Easter Sunday!?

10. Bacon Sunday- a free pound of bacon for every friend you bring? 9. No Cover Charge Sunday- one Sunday a year, that offering WON’T be taken? 8. Give-Away Sunday- shoot polos and button-up oxford out into the crowd, throw adult contemporary CDs and Gospel cassettes out, have a drawing for a new gift card […]

Top 10: You Might Be An Over-Protective Youth Group Parent If?

LET PLAY FUN MONDAY MORNING GAME!  GUESS WHICH ONES ARE TRUE AND WHICH ONES ARE MADE UP?  10. You Want to be a Youth Volunteer because Your Daughter Might Get Pregnant During Youth Group?  (during the lesson or game time???) 9. You Cut Up Your 8th Grade Daughter’s Hot Dog into Non-Choke Pieces at the Pool […]

Top 10: Youth Ministry “Sacred Cows”?

10. We still feed kids junk food, even though we know it’s bad for them—Our body is the “Temple of the Holy Spirit,” except at youth events. 9. The churches that worry more about the Jones memorial carpet, couch, or…. The youth room pipe organ, than students.- The one thing that Grandma Jones left behind […]

The Twelve Disciples in YOUR Youth Group?

12. Philip, The student that is excited to invite others to the youth group. 11. Simon, The Zealot. The student that is always trying to debate politics and issues. 10. James, the Other One. The one student that is faithfully there every week but doesn’t say a whole lot. They are there but no one […]

Top 10: “February Holidays to Celebrate with Your Students”

Feb. 2nd: Ground Hog Day! (Use our Game)  Feb. 2nd: National Tator Tot Day! (snack night!) Feb. 3rd: National Doggy Date Day (bring your pet to youth group night!)  Feb. 5th: National Chocolate Fondue Day! (snack night…game night?)  Feb. 8th: Winter Kite Flying Day! (take the group out for some fun in the snow!)  FEB. 9TH: […]

Top 10: If We Allowed Restaurants Chains to Run Our Church?

10. McDonald’s: Parents put up with going there, because the kids love the playland?   9. Burger King: Have It Your Way Sermons?  8. Taco Bell: Same sermon content every week,  just with a different title and packaging?  7. KFC: Original or Extra Crispy Theology of the Final Judgements?   6. Dunkin’ Donuts: Full-Immersion Baptism, Of Course?  5. Wendy’s: Known for […]

Youth Ministry New Year’s Resolutions!?

10.  I Will Not Do A Lock-In This Year? (* no matter what your students, parents, and Facebook walls say)  9.  I Will Drink Less Coffee, Monster, and Red Bull? (*your energy will come from the spirit this year…the Holy Spirit, just to clarify! )  8. I Will Not Call the Sr. Pastor “Dude”, “Dawg”, or “Bro”?  (try […]

Top 10: “Santa Might Actually Be a Middle School Youth Pastor?”

10.  He Is At Least 2 Feet Taller Than Anybody He Works With? (hello- little 6th grader way down there.) 9. Tummy That Jiggles Like a “Bowl Full of Jelly”?  (more like a bowl full of pizza!?) 8.  Beard? (Hipster Beard?) 7. Is All Into Giving Away Stuff? (who wants a cool Free t-shirt or […]