A 2-Minute Resource Review: “Ministry Win” (by Scott Talley)

We all want to win!  In our culture, we all know for the most part what is defined as a “win”.  We play sports and video games and we look at the score to see if we won or lost.  We look around us and we know who is “winning at life” and who is […]

2 Minute Resource Review: “A Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry” (Michael McGarry)

Disclaimer/Apology: I graciously received this book directly from the publisher before it even was available to buy.  Unfortunately I was in the midst of a surprise ministry transition, and was not able to sit down to completely read this book until recently.  I have carried this book in my backpack almost every day since I received […]

2 Minute Resource Review: “A Defense of Youth Ministry” (Ron Belsterling)

In the new book A Defense of Youth Ministry, Lancaster Bible College, professor of youth ministry, Ron Belsterling, removes the gloves in order to take on some of the championed theories of youth ministry from the last few years.  He steps into the ring to throw some skillful and knowledgable swings at the current state of youth ministry, […]

2 Minute Resource Review: “If…What If” Family Devotional (Myles)

Over the last 6 months, my 11 year old-6th grade son, Kaleb and I have been using the devotional book If…What If? by the Tony and Daniel Myles.  Because it is a devotional book written by Tony (dad) and his son teenage son (Daniel), it held immediate attraction for my son!  He was excited to use a devotional […]

Two Minute Resource Review: “Convinced: Applying Biblical Principles to Life Choices” (Walker)

“Convinced” is one of the newest books from youth ministry veteran, Mel Walker.  Mel has been serving in youth ministry for 40 years, is the author of more than 10 books, and is the president and co-founder for the “Vision for Youth” organization.   He as always writes a book that needed in our youth ministry […]