News U Can Use: “1/3 of Girls Won’t Post Selfie Without Editing”

“A third of girls and young women will not post selfies online without using a filter or app to change their appearance, while a similar proportion have deleted photos with too few “likes” or comments, research has found. About half regularly alter their photos to enhance their appearance online and “find acceptance”, Girlguiding’s annual Girls’ […]

Game of the Week: “Banana Baseball”

SUPPLIES: A large number of bananas (at least 30-40) Scoop ball scoops 4 Baseball bases An Outdoor area GAMEPLAY: Quick explanation: This is a messy game of baseball using bananas and a scoop ball scoop as bats  Before the Game: Pull bunches of bananas apart Set up baseball bases and playing area Playing: Divide the […]

News U Can Use: “Teens Ban From Trick-or-Treating”

“Last Halloween, one Virginia city went viral for banning anyone 13 years and older from trick-or-treating.  No, it wasn’t a story on The Onion. It was real. The city of Chesapeake drew national scrutiny – and social media uproar – for its decades-old ordinance that could fine or jail teens caught in costume with a sack full […]

Top 10: Ways NOT to Let Your Church Know Your are Leaving?

I have just recently left a church and started at a new church. Over the years, I have heard of some crazy stories about how Pastors/Youth Pastors have quit or announced they are quitting and leaving their church.   Summer it seems is time of year, where churches and staff are parting ways.  I thought as a help and […]

News U Can Use: “Middle School Heroes Save Woman”

“The members of the Kepler School volleyball team were working out, jogging over the Tuolumne Street bridge, when they saw a woman climb over the edge of the Stanislaus Street bridge about 50 yards away. “She was like, one hand, and feet hanging already,” said Brandon Ezell, one of the team members. They ran to […]

Interview/Podcast: “Elementary to Middle School Transition” (Herding Cats Podcast)

Episode Summary Talking about how to effectively partner with middle school leaders to transition children from pre-teen and elementary environments to middle school. Also, he details event ideas, and ways for folks to integrate ministries much earlier than promotion Sunday! Listen: – Spotify – I-Tunes – Simple Cast Find Out More About The Herding Cats […]