NEW Back to School Game: “Tray’D You!?”

It is Back to School Time again and that means back to those amazing school cafeteria lunches!? In this hilarious BACK TO SCHOOL game, we’ve compiled snapshots of school AND prison lunches and your group to see if they can guess which lunch belongs to the school and which one belongs in the prison cafeteria! […]

News U Can Use: “The High Cost of Kid’s Sports”

If you want to define a “super kid,” look no further than Marcy Barnett’s 7-year-old son, Malachi. During the summer in Washington, D.C., he participates in just about every recreational sport: basketball, soccer, flag football, sailing, tennis, swimming and golf. He also has tried ice hockey, pingpong and pole vaulting. Anyone else tired after just […]

Top 10: “New ‘PreachersNSneakers’ Wannabe Accounts?”

10. DeaconsNDockers: Following the fashionable board members of local churches across the country. Featuring the best in golf polos and double pleat khakis. 9.  MissionariesNMuumuus: For the fashion forward faithful servants around the globe, those dedicated men and women living the in the lap of luxury in 3rd world countries! 8. PreachersNPrivatejets: Not do be outdone by the “MissionariesNMuumuus” […]

Top 10: Reasons You Need to Take a Vacation This Summer

10. Your Spouse Needs IT!  (read into that however you like..) 9.  Your Kids Haven’t Seen You In Awhile. (If there is a picture of you on the fridge, just so they won’t forget what you look like during Camp, Mission Trips, and Summer Conferences…) 8. You Need a Tan. (the whole pasty white legs thing is really grossing everyone out, […]

“Middle Years Ministry Soul Care” (Caroline Smallwood)

A temptation in ministry is to go without stopping, give without receiving and work without ceasing. Although this usually comes from a good heart, it does not reflect Jesus’ ministry while on earth. When Jesus fed the 5,000 He gave more than He had to offer, but, immediately afterward He sent his disciples away so […]

Group Game: “Shaving Cream Baseball” (FREE)

Looking for a quick simple summer time twist on the classic whiffle ball game, consider adding some shaving cream for a super fun and messy game.  A few dollars for a whiffle ball, bat, and some shaving cream you have instagram-worthy fun night this summer!   A favorite around my ministries for years and we […]

Sunday Morning “Experience” OR Sunday Morning “Service”

I was at a church over that past couple years that insisted on using the word “EXPERIENCE” in describing their Sunday morning gathering.  The staff was not to use the word “SERVICE” as it was old fashion and out of date. I had thought about it quite a bit, as the change occurred, listening and […]

Top 10: Ways To Include Your Spouse in Your Ministry!?

Last night, I had the blessing of watching my wife share her story with 2 of our campus’s students, at our new church. As always, it was fun to see her open her heart to students and share her story and our story with them. My wife is super involved in what I do in […]

The Potential Energy of Middle Years Ministry (Matt Sprinkle)

The middle school years (11-14 years old) are one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated developmental periods of human life. They’re misunderstood by adults in general, to be sure; and they’re misunderstood by churches more often than not.” -Mark Oestreicher & Scott Rubin This just happens to be the first two sentences in the introduction of Middle […]

Game of the Week: “Super Soaker Masterpiece” (FREE)

A fun, summertime up-front challenge!  Tapping into the creative side of your students will letting them shoot a water gun…WIN! Quick-easy-silly-creative fun! Great for all ages. Perfect for your summer cookout, picnics, and other events!  SUPPLIES: 2 super soaker-style water guns 2 Kool-Aid mix packets 2 easels 2 large white bed sheets or bath towels Egg […]