Top 10: Youth Ministry Lessons from the Thanksgiving Table

HERE ARE TEN QUICK LESSONS ABOUT YOUTH MINISTRY, FROM THE FAMILY THANKSGIVING TABLE…  10. It is all about intergenerational connections.  9. Stories from the past, lead to teaching moments in the present. 8. Experiences are shared face-to-face, in circles not in rows.  7. Tradition is not a dirty word and can hold value for the […]

PK Podcast Episode 3: “Moving”

The PK Podcast brought to you by MYM Resources.  A new podcast about being a PK (Pastor’s Kid), hosted by Dan Istvanik and Jenna Istvanik. In this episode, we talk about the big topic of “MOVING”.  A huge part of the life of being a Pastor’s Kid!   We have taken the show on the road…literally. […]

Top 10: Ways To Include Your Spouse in Your Ministry!?

My wife is super involved in what I do in youth ministry, and always has been in various ways, depending on our season of ministry.   We will soon be celebrating 20 years of marriage but 22 years of doing ministry together.  I am blessed that she is as called to youth ministry as I […]

Hints/Helps: “Successful Big Parent Meetings”

Parent meetings can be intimidating but they do not have to be.  So many youth leaders/pastor dread these meetings, as moments where they are put on the spot, questioned, or even feel like they are being critiqued.   Often younger leaders feel threatened, put-down, or disrespected as they walk away from these important meetings.  Parent […]

The PK Podcast (a pastor’s kid podcast)

After a year of conversation and a bit of begging from my 15-year-old daughter, Jenna, last week we launched a podcast.  It is called “THE PK Podcast”.   Our new podcast is about being a PK, a “Pastor’s Kid”.  We think this will hopefully be unique in the crowded world of podcasting, even inside of Youth […]

News U Can Use: “13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Do”

A Re-Post of a Classic “News U Can Use”, a Perfect Re-Read for Our Current “Stay-at-Home” Time with Families in Your Ministry!  Raising mentally strong kids who are equipped to take on real-world challenges requires parents to give up the unhealthy — yet popular — parenting practices that are robbing kids of mental strength. Of […]

At Home Family Game: “Feet Pictionary”

HERE IS A QUICK CLASSIC YOUTH MINISTRY GAME, THAT YOU CAN SHARE WITH YOUR STUDENTS AND PARENT, FOR SOME AT-HOME FUN DURING OUR CURRENT “STAY AT HOME TIME”.  Supplies: – A large drawing pad or whiteboard – A Couple markers (dry erase if using whiteboard) – A Large Bandana Set-Up: – Divide the whole group […]

Top 10: “You Might Be an Over-Protective Youth Group Parents”

I will not tell you which at least 6 of the 10  are real and which ones I made up?!!  You will just have to guess.  (*Hint: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.) Feel free to use this at your next parent meeting or parent counseling session…maybe even your own personal therapy session! YOU MIGHT BE AN […]

Hint/Help: “Helping Us, Help You” (Parent Expectation)

Every fall, right before we kick off our youth ministry year. I started off with a couple things. I always seek to have a time of fellowship and training with all my leaders. This  is a time of connection, development but also to lay out what the expectations are for being a leader in our […]

“Why You Should Involve Your Daughter in Your Ministry!”

I love being part of a new church where the staff children are loved and embraced. I love the fact that are kids are cherished. It is amazing for us to watch the adult sons of our Sr. Pastor, leading and living an example for the younger staff kids…  It is even more significant after […]