Game of the Week: “Super Soaker Masterpiece” (FREE)

A fun, summertime up-front challenge!  Tapping into the creative side of your students will letting them shoot a water gun…WIN! Quick-easy-silly-creative fun! Great for all ages. Perfect for your summer cookout, picnics, and other events!  SUPPLIES: 2 super soaker-style water guns 2 Kool-Aid mix packets 2 easels 2 large white bed sheets or bath towels Egg […]

Summer Game: “Sloppy Snorkel Flip-N-Sip”

SUPPLIES: 2 Snorkels 2 Snorkel Masks 2 Sets of Flippers 2 Large pitchers 2 two liters of soda or some other beverage A table Egg timer or multi-media countdown clock GAME PLAY: Quick explanation:Player will race to a pitcher of beverage, sip as much of the beverage as they can through a snorkel. Before the […]

Free Game of the Week: “Kooky Kickball”

A YOUTH MINISTRY SCHOOLYARD CLASSIC REBORN WITH A CRAZY TWIST! A FAVORITE AROUND OUR MINISTRY! Supplies: – A variety of different kind of balls, of all shapes and sizes (*Suggestions: wiffle ball, tennis ball, ping pong ball, soft football, beach ball, plastic hockey puck, rubber high-bounce ball …) – 1 normal kick-ball or kick-ball sized […]