Tackling Tough Transitions (Kevin Libick)

Its transition time around my, church and everyone is moving up into their new ministries. We often talk about helping students navigate transitions in ministry, but where is the seminar to help youth workers navigate the transitions themselves? I think one of the main reasons youth workers don’t last in ministry is they have a […]

6 Tips for Planning Your Youth Night (Todd Jones)

Ready or not here it comes. Youth group is going to happen weekly no matter what, and it is your job to have something awesome planned and ready to go! But let’s be honest, that can be the hardest part! Planning can be extremely difficult: coming up with new games each week, making sure your […]

Are You Called? (A Wife’s Perspective)

When I was a senior in high school, many years ago, I went to a leadership conference at the college I would later attend. During that conference, I remember learning about leading. I do not remember all the things that were taught but I do remember God placed in my heart the call to ministry. […]

Podcast/Interview: “Seasons of Youth Ministry” (YM Sidekick)

“As a ministry professional, you deal with seasonal changes every year. Each season provides different opportunities for you and your ministry. But in addition to the seasons that change, your personal life has seasons that also change. You go from a young leader to a married leader to a married with children leader to an […]

Social Media Hacks (Chris Hargrove)

I have always been a big fan of social media for my own personal life, but I never imagined how impactful it would be in my ministry to students and their parents. Social media is an ever-changing, ever growing, and at times, frustrating part of our lives. Chances are, you have probably spent some time […]

“The 4-Step Process of Getting Middle Schoolers Involved” (Matt Sprinkle)

“Give it away.” This is a heavy suggestion forever etched into my brain by my mentor, quickly followed by the question, “what is the benefit in giving it away to (insert said person’s name)?” Think about this with me for a second. If we youth workers would take this question seriously, we would work ourselves […]

“Helping Students Understand Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?” (Caroline Smallwood)

Our youth group has experienced the perfect storm in the last couple of weeks. We began a series that every one is pretty excited about. We are calling it “Ask Anything” and for four weeks we will be answering hard theological questions, aka apologetics for middle schoolers. On the fifth week we will have a […]

Interview/Podcast: “Elementary to Middle School Transition” (Herding Cats Podcast)

Episode Summary Talking about how to effectively partner with middle school leaders to transition children from pre-teen and elementary environments to middle school. Also, he details event ideas, and ways for folks to integrate ministries much earlier than promotion Sunday! Listen: – Spotify – I-Tunes – Simple Cast Find Out More About The Herding Cats […]