Icebreaker: “The Chain Gang”

SUPPLIES: No Supplies Needed GAMEPLAY: Quick explanation: Teams have to create a chain of players in order based on an announced assignment. Before the Game: Write down a few team assignments if needed (*suggestions below) Playing: Divide the group up into at least 2 teams, for a larger group you can divide the group into […]

Game of the Week: “Santa Claus or Fluffy Paws” (Christmas Game)

Another Fresh New HOLIDAY Game Has Arrived in the MYM RESOURCE GAME STORE!   This One is Fluffy, Furry Bit of Fun!  Challenge Your Students to See If They Can Tell Which Picture is Santa Claus or Fluffy Paws?  A 10 Challenge Game, with 1 Bonus Tiebreaker! Includes: – 2 Powerpoint Presentations (editable and flat format) […]

Big Group Game: “TOE-Tilla TOE-Down” (Free)

It is Mexican Stand-Off… A Tortilla…Showdown!  You might even call it a “Toe-Tilla Toe-Down! A perfect game for your next Mexican-themed taco night!   SUPPLIES: Taco size soft tortillas, enough for every student GAME PLAY: Quick explanation: Players will have balance a tortilla on the toe of their shoe, while hopping on one foot and their hands behind […]

Game of the Week: “Giant Uno Get to Know” (Icebreaker)

TRY OUT THIS RAN-DUB FUN ICEBREAKER USING REGULAR SIZE UNO CARD OR IF YOU HAVE THEM THE GIANT SET NOW AVAILABLE AT TARGET AND AMAZON!  SUPPLIES: • A full deck of Uno cards GAME PLAY: Quick explanation: Every person will be given an Uno card. They will be matching up with other students based on […]

Free Game of the Week: “Heartbreakers” (Valentine’s Icebreaker)

A Quick Simple Silly Game To Get Your Night Started Around Valentine’s Day! Supplies: · Red construction paper · Scissors · Optional: Pre-made valentines paper hearts or valentine’s cards Game Play: Quick explanation: Players will work to find other players with pieces of the same “broken heart” and “heal the broken heart” Before the Game: […]