Hint/Help: “How’s Your Walk?” (Object Lesson/Illustration)

Quick Lesson Illustration On Your Christian Walk and Following Jesus.  Scripture Suggestions: – Micah 6:8 – John 12:35 – Gal. 5:16 – Eph. 5:1-3 – Col. 3:7 – I John 1:5-7 Illustration: – Dress Shoes: Your Christian Walk only comes out on Sunday, when you want to show off how spiritual you are.  You are […]

Hint/Help: “God is Life and Light” (Object Lesson)

TEACHING ON THE TOPIC OF LIGHT AND LOOKING FOR A GREAT OBJECT LESSON TO ILLUSTRATE THE POINT?   CONSIDER YOUR LOCAL DOLLAR STORE FOR A ILLUSTRATION.  You will need a solar-powered dashboard flower—the kind that dances and moves when exposed to light—and a small piece of solid tape. You will be illustrating that God is […]