Defining Success In Youth Ministry!

People all the time ask me “how do you define success?” or “how do I know I am being successful?”  It fills blogs, books, and staff meetings.  It is the make or break for many in youth ministry, and often is the difference between keeping or losing a job. It is tricky question with a […]

“Ten Things Personally Holding Your Ministry Back?”

What is keeping your ministry back?  What are things that might be keep you and your ministry from God’s best and blessing?  Here are 10 Things That Are Personally Holding Your Ministry Back….  10. Your Personal Pride (Prov. 16:18) 9. Your Personal Insecurities (Phil. 4:6-9) 8. Your Personal Purity (Titus 1:15) 7. Your Personal Preferences (John 3:30) […]

Hint/Help: “God is Life and Light” (Object Lesson)

TEACHING ON THE TOPIC OF LIGHT AND LOOKING FOR A GREAT OBJECT LESSON TO ILLUSTRATE THE POINT?   CONSIDER YOUR LOCAL DOLLAR STORE FOR A ILLUSTRATION.  You will need a solar-powered dashboard flower—the kind that dances and moves when exposed to light—and a small piece of solid tape. You will be illustrating that God is […]