Goodie-Two-Shoes OR Godly-Two-Feet?

Margery Meanwell was a poor orphan girl that lived on the streets. She was a sweet kind girl always doing good for others, even though she was poor and had nothing. She was recognized throughout the town as the girl with only one shoe. As the story goes, one day a rich, gentlemen seeing her […]

The Difference Between Program and Ministry

Years ago, I sat in at Youth Specialties’ National Youth Workers Convention, listening to Kara Powell, talk about her research connected to the new Sticky Faith book. I remember her on the main stage talking about programs being a tunnel to ministry but not being our ministry.  She warned the crowd to make sure to […]

60 Second Hint: “Every Church is a Sub-Culture”

A NEW FEATURE…”60 SECOND HINT” TO HELP YOU TO A BETTER MINISTRY AND MAYBE LIFE? Each Church Is Its Own Sub-Culture…Every church has it’s own traditions, words, rules, and personality. Take the time when you arrive at a church to ask questions, learn and don’t just assume things. Churches like other countries and even families […]

“Un-blurring the Lines” (appropriate relationship with students)

I read another story this morning of a former youth leader caught and arrested for an inappropriate relationship with a student.   My heart breaks every time I read one of these stories. The evening news, newspapers, and internet seems like a running weekly ticker update on the latest teacher, coach and yes,” youth pastors” […]

A 2-Minute Resource Review: “Ministry Win” (by Scott Talley)

We all want to win!  In our culture, we all know for the most part what is defined as a “win”.  We play sports and video games and we look at the score to see if we won or lost.  We look around us and we know who is “winning at life” and who is […]

“5 Thoughts on Kick Off & What is Next” (Jay Reynolds)

Explosions, Confetti Cannons and Slime!  It is kickoff season and we should start the school year off with a BANG, so much noise that makes a sound louder than a school bell. Whatever your programming looks like during the summer, the MUCH anticipated beginning of the school year is upon us. It’s the calendar killer […]

Top 10: Reasons You Need to Take a Vacation This Summer

10. Your Spouse Needs IT!  (read into that however you like..) 9.  Your Kids Haven’t Seen You In Awhile. (If there is a picture of you on the fridge, just so they won’t forget what you look like during Camp, Mission Trips, and Summer Conferences…) 8. You Need a Tan. (the whole pasty white legs thing is really grossing everyone out, […]

“Middle Years Ministry Soul Care” (Caroline Smallwood)

A temptation in ministry is to go without stopping, give without receiving and work without ceasing. Although this usually comes from a good heart, it does not reflect Jesus’ ministry while on earth. When Jesus fed the 5,000 He gave more than He had to offer, but, immediately afterward He sent his disciples away so […]

Top 10: Ways To Include Your Spouse in Your Ministry!?

Last night, I had the blessing of watching my wife share her story with 2 of our campus’s students, at our new church. As always, it was fun to see her open her heart to students and share her story and our story with them. My wife is super involved in what I do in […]

The Potential Energy of Middle Years Ministry (Matt Sprinkle)

The middle school years (11-14 years old) are one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated developmental periods of human life. They’re misunderstood by adults in general, to be sure; and they’re misunderstood by churches more often than not.” -Mark Oestreicher & Scott Rubin This just happens to be the first two sentences in the introduction of Middle […]