Engaging Middle School Students in Small Groups

She was awkwardly staring me down, like only a middle school girl with a little too much attitude could. We had dismissed into small groups a while ago. I had asked her a simple question, “Why aren’t you in your small group?” She rolled her eyes, explaining she didn’t want to go to small group […]

Top 10: Ways To Include Your Spouse in Your Ministry!?

My wife is super involved in what I do in youth ministry, and always has been in various ways, depending on our season of ministry.   We will soon be celebrating 20 years of marriage but 22 years of doing ministry together.  I am blessed that she is as called to youth ministry as I […]

Hints/Helps: “Successful Big Parent Meetings”

Parent meetings can be intimidating but they do not have to be.  So many youth leaders/pastor dread these meetings, as moments where they are put on the spot, questioned, or even feel like they are being critiqued.   Often younger leaders feel threatened, put-down, or disrespected as they walk away from these important meetings.  Parent […]

News U Can Use: “Will Teens Ever Be the Same After the Virus”

“There will be no graduation for the Class of 2020 — at least not one that would’ve forced seniors to wake up early and file into an auditorium with their peers, dressed in flimsy gowns and caps they’ve been told they can’t throw. Prom is canceled, too — so the budget that would’ve covered the […]

“Welcome To Our House: Engaging Gen Z”

The shift has finally happened.  It has taken the church and youth ministry 10+ years to catch up to what the world, marketing, and research has been talking about, Generation Z.  This is a marked improvement to the previous turnaround time for the church when it came to Generation X and Millennials.  Thanks, in great part to […]

“4 Duties You Still Need To Do During Quarantine Ministry” (Todd Jones)

Shelter in place, quarantine, and social distancing all make doing ministry the way we are accustomed to very difficult. Our weeks have been flipped upside down and our workflows are completely trashed as we all try to figure out what to do moving forward. Clearly there are many things we have to stop doing during […]

REAL Top 10: Ways to Save Your Marriage AND Your Ministry

10. Stay Faithfulness- Don’t be checking out other people’s… 9. Have Fun- Enjoy and learn to laugh. Learn to laugh at yourself. 8. Be a Planner- Make plans and stick with them, what you say you will do…do! 7. Just Relax- Take and find time to relax, catch a breath, and just chill out. 6. […]

Hint/Help: “Signs for Life: Finding God’s Will”

Do you ever have THAT moment?  You know the one, where you are driving down the road and you are completely lost.  You are desperately looking for a sign, any sign. Something to tell you what is coming up next and also some hint of where you are. I don’t know about you but I […]

At Home Family Game: “Feet Pictionary”

HERE IS A QUICK CLASSIC YOUTH MINISTRY GAME, THAT YOU CAN SHARE WITH YOUR STUDENTS AND PARENT, FOR SOME AT-HOME FUN DURING OUR CURRENT “STAY AT HOME TIME”.  Supplies: – A large drawing pad or whiteboard – A Couple markers (dry erase if using whiteboard) – A Large Bandana Set-Up: – Divide the whole group […]

“6 Proactive Tips for Middle School Ministry” (Kellen Roggenbuck)

I learned quickly when I started in middle school ministry that disruptions were par for the course.  Outbursts, fidgeting, non-sequiturs, and awkward smells were a normality.  It was like the moment we got into a groove with a lesson, someone would yell something, another would ask an unrelated question and through it all, the entire […]