Ministry to Parents Featured Post: “The Top Three Mistakes Small Group Leaders Make”

“Small group ministry is an integral part of church life today. In the pre-pandemic world, small groups met on-site as part of the usual ministry programming time, as well as off-site in private homes or even local coffee shops. Currently, they meet online via Zoom or Facetime.  As the ministry leader works to establish their […]

Engaging Middle School Students in Small Groups

She was awkwardly staring me down, like only a middle school girl with a little too much attitude could. We had dismissed into small groups a while ago. I had asked her a simple question, “Why aren’t you in your small group?” She rolled her eyes, explaining she didn’t want to go to small group […]

Hint/Help: “Be Focal, Buy Local”

Let’s be real, we spend money, whether we are the big church in town or small fry around the corner we are spending our church’s (*God’s money) or the parents of our ministry’s money.   Why not be more “Focal” in our spending by buying “Local”? Whether it is the next graphic order for yet another […]

Top 10: Christ-Centered Youth Ministry or Student-Center Youth Ministry

Like many homes where adults choose to make the children the center of attention and decision making, there are ALSO many youth ministries and churches that are doing the SAME thing.   Like homes that are consumed with making sure children are not bored or unhappy, we as youth ministries may also be unknowingly doing the […]

Hints/Helps: “Successful Big Parent Meetings”

Parent meetings can be intimidating but they do not have to be.  So many youth leaders/pastor dread these meetings, as moments where they are put on the spot, questioned, or even feel like they are being critiqued.   Often younger leaders feel threatened, put-down, or disrespected as they walk away from these important meetings.  Parent […]

News U Can Use: “Will Teens Ever Be the Same After the Virus”

“There will be no graduation for the Class of 2020 — at least not one that would’ve forced seniors to wake up early and file into an auditorium with their peers, dressed in flimsy gowns and caps they’ve been told they can’t throw. Prom is canceled, too — so the budget that would’ve covered the […]

Top 10: “Mama Always Said…” (youth ministry lessons?)

In honor of Mother’s Day, Here is a Special Top 10 List Dedicated to Moms and the Things They Teach Us… EVEN ABOUT YOUTH MINISTRY!?  10. Share Your Toys!- If you have a great idea or great resource share it with other people in youth ministry! 9. Clean Out Your Ears!- Stop talking sometimes and […]

Top 10: Things That MIGHT Have to Change in Youth Ministry After the Quarantine?

10. How We Do Food? We MIGHT have to rethink big bowls of snacks, where students stick their dirty hands in to grab a handful of chips.  We may even have to think about how we serve pizza and other items.  Most importantly, we MIGHT need to put some food safety & health guidelines, similar […]

The PK Podcast (a pastor’s kid podcast)

After a year of conversation and a bit of begging from my 15-year-old daughter, Jenna, last week we launched a podcast.  It is called “THE PK Podcast”.   Our new podcast is about being a PK, a “Pastor’s Kid”.  We think this will hopefully be unique in the crowded world of podcasting, even inside of Youth […]

“Welcome To Our House: Engaging Gen Z”

The shift has finally happened.  It has taken the church and youth ministry 10+ years to catch up to what the world, marketing, and research has been talking about, Generation Z.  This is a marked improvement to the previous turnaround time for the church when it came to Generation X and Millennials.  Thanks, in great part to […]