COVID News U Can Use: “Teens Aren’t Acting Up, They’re Trying to Grow Up”

“Teens tend to respond to significant unwanted restrictions in one of two ways: with devastation or defiance. Eyes brighten with wetness; tear-stained faces swell; anger reigns — until, that is, desire to see anyone or do anything fades away as depression sets in. This has been the reliable trajectory over the last year for conscientious […]

News U Can Use: “Yubo, the New Tinder for Teens? “

“…I was recently introduced to Yubo, which is advertised as the “make new friends” app for teenagers, but is often described as “Tinder for teenagers.” The app enables teenagers (or adults pretending to be them) to find others with similar interests and chat through private messaging or via public live streams. They can also share […]

News U Can Use: “1/3 of Girls Won’t Post Selfie Without Editing”

“A third of girls and young women will not post selfies online without using a filter or app to change their appearance, while a similar proportion have deleted photos with too few “likes” or comments, research has found. About half regularly alter their photos to enhance their appearance online and “find acceptance”, Girlguiding’s annual Girls’ […]

Top 10: Christ-Centered Youth Ministry or Student-Center Youth Ministry

Like many homes where adults choose to make the children the center of attention and decision making, there are ALSO many youth ministries and churches that are doing the SAME thing.   Like homes that are consumed with making sure children are not bored or unhappy, we as youth ministries may also be unknowingly doing the […]

Top 10: Ways To Include Your Spouse in Your Ministry!?

My wife is super involved in what I do in youth ministry, and always has been in various ways, depending on our season of ministry.   We will soon be celebrating 20 years of marriage but 22 years of doing ministry together.  I am blessed that she is as called to youth ministry as I […]

News U Can Use: “The Hoop App, the New Tinder for Teens?”

“Snapchat’s developer platform is blowing up as a gateway to teen social app users. Hoop is the latest Snap Kit blockbuster, rocketing to No. 2 on the overall App Store charts this month with its Tinder –esque swiping interface for discovering people and asking to message with them over Snapchat. Within a week of going […]

Goodie-Two-Shoes OR Godly-Two-Feet?

Margery Meanwell was a poor orphan girl that lived on the streets. She was a sweet kind girl always doing good for others, even though she was poor and had nothing. She was recognized throughout the town as the girl with only one shoe. As the story goes, one day a rich, gentlemen seeing her […]

Top 10: “You Might Be an Over-Protective Youth Group Parents”

I will not tell you which at least 6 of the 10  are real and which ones I made up?!!  You will just have to guess.  (*Hint: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.) Feel free to use this at your next parent meeting or parent counseling session…maybe even your own personal therapy session! YOU MIGHT BE AN […]

“Why You Should Involve Your Daughter in Your Ministry!”

I love being part of a new church where the staff children are loved and embraced. I love the fact that are kids are cherished. It is amazing for us to watch the adult sons of our Sr. Pastor, leading and living an example for the younger staff kids…  It is even more significant after […]

Why We Choose to Lead Together as a Family

I recently did a podcast interview with my friend Jeremy Lee, from Ministry to Parents, for the D6 Ministry Podcast.  that he hosts. We talked about “Doing Ministry as a Family”.   Since the podcast was posted last week, I have received a mix reaction from people, many with questions.   I thought it might be helpful to offer a few thoughts in the […]