Top 10: You Might Be Getting Too Old for Youth Ministry? (*maybe)

People ask me, how to you know if you are getting to old for your youth ministry. Even in my most recent interviewing process, as churches discovered my age, there were questions.  So I figured I would update the list of 10 way to know if… YOU MIGHT BE GETTING TO OLD FOR YOUTH MINISTRY… […]

Top 10: Reasons Why Sr. Saints Love Online Church?

10. No One is Stealing THEIR Seat! 9. They Don’t Have to See the Youth Pastor’s New Skinny Jeans! 8. The Room is Always the Perfect Temperature! 7. You Can Doze Off At Any Point, Snore Loudly and Your Wife Doesn’t Have to Elbow You Awake! 6. No Problem Find a Parking Spot! 5. Two […]

Top 10: “Things You Don’t Want to Hear…YOUR WORSHIP PASTOR SAY!?”

We’ve heard from the custodian, our wife, and even our senior pastor!  This week we are going to find out what TEN things you DON’T want to hear your Worship Pastor Say!?  10. And Now… Our Kazoo Ensemble.  9. What Are Your Thoughts on the Polka? 8. I am Think About Starting a Gregorian Chant Team! 7.  The Choir […]

Top 10: REAL Youth Ministry Job Interview Questions?

Over the years of interview for new youth ministry positions.  I have had some unique experiences as well as some odd questions.  Here is the first set of VERY REAL interview questions I have been asked over the years!  10. How much money do you currently have in your savings account, may we check your […]

Top 10: MORE Worship Clappers! (Part 2..Clap Back!)

10. THE BACKHAND: one hand clapping on the back of the opposite hand. 9. THE BULLETIN BILLY CLUB:  one hand open palm and a bulletin clapping. | 8. THE KNOCK KNOCK:  one hand fist knocking on the chair or pew in front of the them 7. THE SQUARE DANCE (AKA: Holy Hoedown):  left palm up […]