Top 10: “REAL Things I Have Seen Adults Doing in Church Services”

Sometimes people come and complain to me about my students being distracting in church or doing something other than listening to the sermon. Well to be fair, here is a couple REAL things that distract me, that I have REALLY seen adults doing in church.  10. Playing Angry Birds (or other games on your phone…”words […]

Top 10: REAL Youth Ministry Job Interview Questions?

Over the years of interview for new youth ministry positions.  I have had some unique experiences as well as some odd questions.  Here is the first set of VERY REAL interview questions I have been asked over the years!  10. How much money do you currently have in your savings account, may we check your […]

Top 10: REAL Reasons I Can’t Come to Youth Group!?

10. I am grounded from youth group?  (seriously how bad do you have to be that your parents take away God and church.. “That is IT young lady, no God for you, 2 Weeks”!)  9. My parents said It was too nice outside to go to youth group? (snow day…icy night? They actually do call it […]