Top 10: REAL Summer Mission Trip Moments from Over the Years

10. Coming Out in the Morning to Find That the Church Bus Has Been”Tagged”. 9. Girl Yelling “Hey I Found a Bag of Oregano!” While Doing a Street Clean up. 8. Pulling Up to a Ministry Project Location To Find an SUV Engulfed in Flames in the Street. 7. Having a Very Nice Man in […]

Top 10: MORE Worship Clappers! (Part 2…The Clap Back!)

10. THE BACKHAND: one hand clapping on the back of the opposite hand. 9. THE BULLETIN BILLY CLUB:  one hand open palm and a bulletin clapping. | 8. THE KNOCK KNOCK:  one hand fist knocking on the chair or pew in front of the them 7. THE SQUARE DANCE (AKA: Holy Hoedown):  left palm up […]

Top 10: Sunday Morning Worship Clappers?

10. THE SWINGER: Hands to the sides, then a quick swing forward into a clap, then back down to the side…and REPEAT! 9. THE TOY MONKEY:  Elbows slightly bent, hands directly in front of the chest, BIG Smile and clap, clap, clap! 8. THE STARBUCKS: Grande Latte in one hand, gentle tap on the lid in between […]

Top 10: Things I Have NEVER Heard a Middle School Student Say?

10.  I stopped coming to youth group because I didn’t like your theological stance on _______.  9.  We all really feel like you should wear skinny jeans and get more tattoos, so you can be more relevant.  8.  Tonight was way too much fun.  7.  Please stop sending me personal handwritten encouragement notes.  6.  My parents realized that […]

Top 10: You Might Be Getting Too Old for Youth Ministry? (*maybe)

People ask me, how to you know if you are getting to old for your youth ministry. Even in my most recent interviewing process, as churches discovered my age, there were questions.  So I figured I would update the list of 10 way to know if… YOU MIGHT BE GETTING TO OLD FOR YOUTH MINISTRY… […]

Top 10: If We Allowed Restaurants Chains to Run Our Church?

10. McDonald’s: Parents put up with going there, because the kids love the playland?   9. Burger King: Have It Your Way Sermons?  8. Taco Bell: Same sermon content every week,  just with a different title and packaging?  7. KFC: Original or Extra Crispy Theology of the Final Judgements?   6. Dunkin’ Donuts: Full-Immersion Baptism, Of Course?  5. Wendy’s: Known for […]

Top 10: The Heartaches of a Youth Pastor

10. Seeing A Key Leadership Student, Turn Away from God and Church.  9.  Trying to Give Comfort to a Student Feeling Like it Somehow Their Fault Their Parent’s Marriage Is Falling Apart. 8. Hearing the Story of A Student, Finally Revealing the Hidden Abuse That is Going on At Home.  7. Being Criticized for Decisions, […]

Top 10: Your Youth Pastor is SO Out of Touch…

10. They Think Instagram is Putting Your Grandma On Speed Dial? 9. They Think Snapchat is when they Snap Their Fingers at You When You are Talking During Their Lesson? 8.  They Got a TikTok Account to Post Videos of Their Watch & the Times When Youth Group is Meeting?  7. They went to Starbucks […]