Top 10: REAL Reasons Why My Child Can’t Go On the Trip?

I just left with my group for summer camp! Are you getting ready for your big summer trip or did you just get back?   Who didn’t end up going?  There is always at least one or two, last minute drop out.  What was their reason? Most of the time they are normal reasons for why kids […]

News U Can Use: “5 Tips for Traveling with Tweens/Teens This Summer”

HERE IS A QUICK “NEWS U CAN USE” WRITTEN FOR PARENTS, BUT ALSO MAY BE SOME GREAT HINTS/HELPS FOR YOUTH MINISTRY AS YOU PLAN YOU SUMMER TRIPS!?  “A family vacation is the perfect time to enjoy a change of scenery while reconnecting and spending quality time with each other, but it requires planning, budgeting and […]

Bus Games for Youth Group Trips (Free)

10. “Statue Charades”– 2 teams divided up by sides. One person comes to the front of the bus and is given something that they have to get their team to guess by simply “striking a pose”. 9. “Seated Relay Races”– Classic “stand in a line” relay races just seated. Like: “Over Under”- hand something back […]