Top 10: “Mama Always Said…” (youth ministry lessons?)

In honor of Mother’s Day, Here is a Special Top 10 List Dedicated to Moms and the Things They Teach Us… EVEN ABOUT YOUTH MINISTRY!?  10. Share Your Toys!- If you have a great idea or great resource share it with other people in youth ministry! 9. Clean Out Your Ears!- Stop talking sometimes and […]

Top 10: Things That MIGHT Have to Change in Youth Ministry After the Quarantine?

10. How We Do Food? We MIGHT have to rethink big bowls of snacks, where students stick their dirty hands in to grab a handful of chips.  We may even have to think about how we serve pizza and other items.  Most importantly, we MIGHT need to put some food safety & health guidelines, similar […]

The PK Podcast (a pastor’s kid podcast)

After a year of conversation and a bit of begging from my 15-year-old daughter, Jenna, last week we launched a podcast.  It is called “THE PK Podcast”.   Our new podcast is about being a PK, a “Pastor’s Kid”.  We think this will hopefully be unique in the crowded world of podcasting, even inside of Youth […]

FREE Game Collection: “Five ‘Steal the Bacon’ Variations”

A Classic Game With Some SIZZLING and Silly New Youth Group Twists!  Perfect, Low-prep/No-prep Game for normal nights, events, or camp/retreats!  STEAL THE LEADER (or 6th Grader): Teams line up on either side of the playing area (gym, room, field..). A leaders or a 6th grader, (one person for each team) is placed in the center. […]

“So You Want to Get Other Churches to Your Event?” (Jonny Radcliff)

You and your favorite youth leader have a historic epiphany around 10:30 pm while cleaning up aftergroup late one night. In the midst of the glow-in-the-dark slime, shattered glass, and confetti caked onto the wall, you both lock eyes and realize one thing: THIS WOULD BE AN AMAZING EVENT. The next day you jump into […]

Top 10: There is Always That One Student…

THERE IS ALWAYS ONE STUDENT…. 10.  …that is waiting for a ride home 30 minutes after the event ends. 9.  …crying halfway through the middle school lock-in (*boy-getting hurt or girl- drama).  8. …. that read one book, one time, and now know all there is to know about a topic! 7. …. that is […]

“Three Lesson from ‘Over the Hill’ Youth Ministry”

There is a growing trend among youth workers. They are staying in youth ministry longer. They are choosing to continue on in youth ministry as a lifelong profession and calling. There is an increasing group of what some might consider “over the hill” youth workers still rocking it in youth ministry instead of rocking in […]

Big Group/Upfront Game: “Unicorn Spelling Bee”

SUPPLIES: 1/3 to a 1/2 of a pool noodle A bandana Index Cards 30-60 second egg timer or multi-media countdown clock GAMEPLAY: Quick explanation: An upfront player, the “unicorn” using only their magical “horn” (pool noodle) tied to their heard, will have to try to spell out a word in the air, that their team […]

Game: “Clownfish, Blowfish, Goldfish” (Gorilla, Man, Gun Alternative)

Looking for an alternative to the ministry classic “Gorilla, Man, Gun”, without the “Gun” and also don’t want to just do “Rock, Paper, Scissors” here is a quick silly game that might be a great alternative for any age group, elementary all the way up into students!?   SUPPLIES: No Supplies Needed GAMEPLAY: Quick explanation: […]

Hint/Help: “Be Focal, Buy Local”

Let’s be real, we spend money, whether we are the big church in town or small fry around the corner we are spending our church’s (*God’s money) or the parents of our ministry’s money.   Why not be more “Focal” in our spending by buying “Local”? Whether it is the next graphic order for yet another […]